Working Lurchers & Terriers

Working earthdogs put em in dig em out!

Working terriers can be varied in size and weight dependant on the quarry being hunted, the most important attributes are nose (locating game), size (it has to get there) and gameness ( see the job through till the end!). The main quarry hunted depending on country are various fox and badger species, coypu, ground hogs, raccoon, and opossum, to name a few.

Despite modern traps and poisons, the role of the terrier remains. In many pest control situations, the terrier is the most humane method available. The terrier's role is not to fight with its quarry, but to locate it underground and to bark at it continuously, either causing it to leave the earth or alternatively to indicate where in the earth the quarry is located – in order that it can be dug to and dispatched.

Heres a few various terriers used for earthwork.

Patterdale Terrier

Patterdale terrier, a fine dog.

Border Terrier

Border terrier, theres not many left.

Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland terrier, Red RIP.

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